Our Frequently Asked Questions

RELTRAX is a company that was founded by a successful broker, an unreal developer (seriously, he will blow your mind), and a marketing fanatic. Together, they realized that there were a lot of companies offering a lot of great products to the real estate market, but no single company offered everything they wanted in one product, so they decided to develop their own. By combining their powers, they developed RELTRAX, a cutting edge solution for every broker, team, and agent.

At RELTRAX, we know that you are busy, so we made a product that will do exactly what you need it to. Our products give you a beautiful site for people to use, a powerful back office that makes managing leads easier than ever, and generates new leads for you and your team.

RELTRAX is dedicated to making your job easier. We have the industry knowledge to deliver a product that is easy to use, efficient, and makes you money. Also, we are based in the USA, and every minute of work done on your site is done right here in the USA as well. You will never be forwarded to an off shore call center, and we will always be available to help you out. We are dedicated to making the transition easy for you and you will see that from the first time you talk to us.

We have a variety of packages depending on your size and needs. You will see that we are very competitively priced and we work with a variety of offices so we have experience with almost anything you need! Contact us today and we will find a package that will work for you and/or your team or office.

Are you kidding? We know how hard you worked for those contacts, we would never think of making you start from scratch. Just export them to an excel file and we will do the rest (we can even do that part for you if you need us to!).

To fully utilize all of our cutting edge features we highly recommend a website designed and developed by our expert developers, but our software is built to work with any existing website. We even have a HTML form you can paste on any website to start generating leads and placing them into our Lead Management System.

We have nationwide support of almost every MLS and Real Estate Board. If you have a question about a specific MLS please contact us, and we will be happy to help you!

We have almost instant lead notifications via SMS text, Email and also online in our Lead Manger Dashboard.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about us. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

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